Presidential Loft Company / Northwest Missouri State University

Serving NWMSU for 15 years

The Solution to Your Residence Hall Space Needs!

A loft from Presidential Loft gives you additional living space in tight residence hall quarters. Your Presidential Loft increases liveable floor space by lifting the bed frame off the floor so you can use the space underneath for your small futon, refrigerator, entertainment center, etc. Our design meets NWMSU guidelines by being free-standing and incorporating the existing residence hall bed into the design.

Prices include installation.

Lofts are built of premium construction grade lumber to allow for maximum strength at the most affordable price. This allows you the option of leaving your loft natural, or painting/staining your loft as you see fit. Ladders are incorporated into the design at each end of the loft. We also sell optional storage shelves, an alarm clock shelf, and bed railings. Installation is included.

Your payment reserves a loft bed for you and is non-refundable. If you are assigned to a new hall that does not allow our loft, however, we will refund your payment less a $10 processing fee during the second week of classes.

We do not need your hall or room assignment to process your order. We will get that information from Res Life at the appropriate time. Most lofts will be installed prior to your arrival. Installation priority is based on the date that we receive your order.