Presidential Loft Company / Northwest Missouri State University

Will I own the loft?

Yes, you are buying the loft and will own it once we install it.

What do I do with the loft at the end of the year?

We will explain how to take the loft apart at the end of the year. You are responsible for removing it from the hall and restoring the room by reassembling the bed. You may reuse the loft or sell it to another student.

When the loft is installed will the bed frame be put into the loft?

Yes, the installation of your loft includes the incorporation of your bed frame as a part of the design. When we are finished in your room you will be able to sleep on your loft as is. We will take the legs off of most beds to keep you from bumping your head on them. You will need to store these legs in your room.

Will my loft be attached to the wall?

No, the loft is designed to be free standing, the Department of Housing does not allow anything to be attached to the wall or ceiling. You will also need to make sure the loft does not rub the paint on the wall. This can be accomplished by placing a soft or padded item between the loft and the wall. Some people have also used cardboard to achieve the same results. Presidential Loft is not responsible for any damage to your wall caused by the loft.

Why is the loft not painted or stained?

The loft is designed and built using premium construction grade lumber. This is to allow for maximum strength at the most affordable price. This also allows you to paint or stain your loft as you see fit. Most students leave their lofts natural.

What if I am assigned to a hall that does not allow lofts?

If we determine that you are assigned to one of those halls we will gladly refund your money. This option is only available to those who are assigned to Hudson or Perrin. Refund checks will be mailed to the studentís home address during the second week of classes.